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Production Title: Mighty Mona

Project Type: Feature Film

Project Format: TABLE READ

Production Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Date: Saturday / January 25, 2020

Start Time: 3-6 P.M.

Wrap Time: Approximately 3 hours

Writer: Thada Catalon

Audition Location: DEMO REEL ONLY

Submission Date: No later than Friday / January 17, 2020

Logline: As Texas’s Senate race near, an ethics professor sets out to derail the political campaign of a seemingly honorable candidate by unleashing shocking secrets that threaten to upend both of their personal lives and his political future.


Synopsis: “Mighty Mona” is a story about an ethics professor named Mona Catlyn who has managed to live a simple, introverted life by devoting her time to her son and career. One night, a news report breaks that Randy Richards is running for the Texas Senate, which, shockingly, enrages Mona. She then sets out to derail his political campaign, which seemed to be working until Randy takes down a gunman at a mass shooting and becomes a national hero. In a desperate attempt to take the spotlight off of Randy’s heroic act, Mona unleashes a dark secret that Randy raped her when she was fifteen-years-old. Now, Mona is forced to defend herself from the court of public opinion, so she exposes one last scandalous secret, which threatens to upend both of their personal lives and Randy’s political future.


MONA CATLYN, 40s, African American - a sharp, passionate and confident ethics professor. She’s a unique beauty, but it is hidden well behind her demure clothing and natural makeup. She embarks on an undertaking to thwart a sexual predator from becoming the next U.S. Senator of Texas.


RANDY RICHARDS, 40s, Caucasian - a pompous, arrogant, yet oddly charismatic billionaire runs for the Texas senate as the republican challenger.


ADAM EVERS, 30, Bi-racial/Ambiguous – Mona’s strappingly handsome, son, who’s an Army Officer. He struggles with commitment.

WILL GOODMAN, 40s, African American - is a genuinely good guy with a heart of gold. He teaches filmmaking classes at the same university where Mona teaches. He cares about Mona and tries to do anything to make her happy.

PAULA RICHARDS, 40s, Caucasian - Randy's doting, Stepford wife.

BRETT, 20s, Caucasian - a pompous, douche-face frat boy. An extreme right-winger.

ROSE MARLAND, 30-50s, an astute, holistic life coach.


BELLA FERRERA, 20s, Hispanic – a gorgeous hottie, who’s harassed by two low-brow, macho-type dudes.


GEORGE NICKELS, 50s, a political bulldog. Randy’s campaign manager.


PRESIDENT BARR, 60s, Caucasian – President of the United States who endorses Randy Richards for Senator of Texas.


DANIEL WANG, 40s, Asian – Texas’s incumbent Democrat Senator runs for reelection.


Non- Paid / Snacks / Beverages

If interested please send headshot, resume and demo reel to

You must have a demo reel to be selected.

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