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The Film

Written and Directed by Thada Catalon

Our upcoming project, "The Cradle Shall Fall," exemplifies T-CAT Films' dedication to storytelling excellence. In this gripping thriller, we explore the dark underbelly of a child laundering ring, pushing the boundaries of suspense and emotional depth.


The film, with its unique logline and intricate synopsis, promises a narrative that transcends conventional genres. By delving into themes of motherhood, love, and survival instincts, we differentiate our film by offering a potent mix of suspense and societal reflection, leaving audiences haunted by the thin line between familial bonds and unfathomable darkness.

The Cradle Shall Fall

Genre: Action | Thriller | Suspense

“The Cradle Shall Fall” is When the Bough Breaks meets Traffik with the tonal vibe of The Call and the emotional intensity of Changeling

The Cradle Shall Fall is a heart-pounding thriller that follows a pregnant investigative journalist on a celebratory weekend at a secluded cabin with her friends and family. But what seems like a carefree getaway turns into a twisted nightmare when Kendra uncovers a chilling secret: a sinister child-laundering ring targeting her unborn child. Thrust into a desperate fight for survival, Kendra must outsmart and outmaneuver ruthless criminals to protect everything she holds dear.


  • Child Laundering: The core theme of the film, exploring the dark world of illegal adoption and the exploitation of children and vulnerable women.

  • Family and Morality: Contrasting the loving and supportive family dynamic of the protagonists with the twisted family bonds of the antagonists, raising questions about morality and the lines people cross.

  • Love and Loss: The protagonist's complex emotions regarding pregnancy and motherhood, the daughter's longing for her own child, and the underlying trauma of both women driving their actions.

  • Friendship and Betrayal: The contrasting dynamics between the two couples, one strong and supportive, the other toxic and manipulative.

  • Nature vs. Nurture: Exploring the question of whether the daughter's actions are solely due to her upbringing or if she harbors some hidden darkness within. 

  • Survival Instincts: Examines how characters respond when faced with life-threatening situations.


In the serene setting of an upper-middle-class suburban neighborhood belies the turmoil within.


Investigative journalist Kendra Mosely faces a dilemma when she discovers she's pregnant, torn between her career aspirations and impending motherhood. 

A seemingly innocent cabin trip sets the stage for revelations as tensions escalate and long-hidden secrets come to light. Kendra's determination to uncover the truth leads to a confrontation that puts her and her loved ones in grave danger.

Trapped in a nightmarish situation, the group's desperate attempts to escape only reveal the horrifying extent of the operation they've stumbled upon. Kendra's discovery of damning evidence forces her to confront the mastermind behind it all.

As the battle for survival intensifies, Kendra and her companions must navigate treacherous terrain both physically and morally. The story delves into themes of resilience, sacrifice, and the thin line between good and evil.

Amidst the chaos, Kendra must find the strength to confront the darkness threatening to consume them all. The fate of the characters hangs in the balance as they grapple with the consequences of their actions, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end.


KENDRA MOSELY, our protagonist in "The Cradle Shall Fall," is a determined investigative journalist grappling with an unexpected pregnancy and haunted by past tragedy. As she uncovers a chilling child laundering ring, her fierce maternal instinct transforms her into a protector willing to face any danger for her unborn child, adding emotional depth to her captivating character arc.

LANCE MOSELY’S kind eyes belie the shadows of past trauma lurking beneath. His brown gaze softens with love for his pregnant wife, Kendra, but hardens with unwavering resolve when facing danger. A child psychiatrist at heart, Lance is driven by a deep empathy for vulnerable children and a fierce desire to build a safe haven for his own family. However, his idealism is tested when they become trapped in a deadly game involving a child laundering ring. Lance must confront his own fears and vulnerabilities as he strives to protect his loved ones.

CAIN RIVERS, the puppet master in a macabre ballet of stolen innocence, cuts a chilling figure. Beneath the veneer of a respectable retired obstetrician lies a serpent, his charm as venomous as his intellect. A ruthless strategist orchestrating a child laundering ring, Cain finds perverse pleasure in manipulating pregnant women and tearing families apart. His past, steeped in a legacy of child laundering, fuels his twisted worldview, making him as cold as the scalpel he wields with icy precision. 


TAMAR RIVERS is a tragic paradox: a skilled doula forced to facilitate her father's horrifying scheme, a captive haunted by the cries of stolen mothers and the faces of lost babies. Exploited by her father from a young age, she carries the scars of physical and emotional abuse. Haunting eyes that flicker with fear and defiance hint at a deep well of untapped strength. 

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