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Screenwriter, Thada Catalon has always been a huge fan of thought-provoking, cerebral stories, especially ones where the ideas about reality, perception, and identity permeates throughout the film, which has innately impacted her writing style within the genres of grounded sci-fi, dark comedy, thrillers, drama, and horror. She largely focus on writing stories that explore themes such as social issues, women empowerment, diversity, mental health, and politics.




Screenplay - Samples

Available Screenplays

"Minotaur's Chamber" (Amber's Alert)

A mother on the verge of a psychotic break believes that her disabled son’s condition is caused by a demonic possession. She seeks the assistance of her Prophet, who convinces her that she must destroy this demon by conducting an extreme, cult ritual that puts her son’s life in mortal and spiritual danger. However, she must first overcome the resistance of her vigilant husband, against whom she squares off in a brutal knock-down, drag-out fight.

GENRE: Psychological Thriller, Supernatural, Horror

FORMAT: Feature 


SELLING POINT:  A riveting possession story in the vein of The Omen meets The Cell with a sprinkle of Hereditary.

"Dangerously in Love"
(Bad Romance)

A recent college graduate begins her career as a social activist championing human rights, but when she falls for a charming, edgy musician, her career goes off track. Soon, the budding romance turns volatile forcing her to sever ties; which seems impossible because he becomes increasingly unstable and fatally obsessed.

GENRE: Romantic Thriller

FORMAT: Feature


SELLING POINT: A riveting thriller in the style of The Perfect Guy, The Boy Next Door, Obsessed, and Fear.







"Mighty Mona"

As Texas’s Senate race near, an ethics professor sets out to derail the political campaign of a seemingly honorable candidate by unleashing shocking secrets that threaten to upend both of their personal lives and his political future.

GENRE: Political Drama

FORMAT: Feature


SELLING POINT: A riveting drama in the vein of Bombshell, Confirmation, The Contender, and Our Brand is Crisis.

"Picture Perfect Family"

When a reckless drug addict discovers that his family blames him for their father’s car accident that left the patriarch paralyzed, it throws the Graham family into chaos as it exposes the struggles in their personal lives-- old sibling rivalries, drug addiction, faith and betrayal.

GENRE: Family / Dramedy / Spiritual  

FORMAT: Feature


SELLING POINT: A compelling family drama in the style of This Christmas, Soul Food, Madea’s Family Reunion, and The Preacher's Daughter.

"Social Madness"

A lifestyle content creator decides to move her brand into the arena of political satire – finding backlash from the public and those close to her along the way, all while she struggles to navigate through her own set of obstacles in her personal relationships.

GENRE: Dramedy / Dark Comedy

FORMAT: Half-hour (Pilot)

SELLING POINT: A second-round pick for Macro’s Episodic Lab powered by The Black List. A socio-political half-hour serial series in the vein of The Daily Show meets Sex & the City with a sprinkle of Being Mary Jane.


Short Film Series



When a wary, yet, brilliant software developer test runs her new, cutting edge virtual reality simulator, she uncovers more than she bargained for as hidden insecurities, secret passions, and inherent racial bias are all brought to the forefront of her reality

GENRE: Grounded Sci-Fi / Dramedy / Romance

"CONNIE" (Finalist - Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards)

A paranoid doomsday podcaster befriends an eccentric online admirer who desperately wants to meet her, but she must first overcome her controlling overseer who has her trapped in the house.

GENRE: Psychological Thriller


When a pragmatic woman finally finds love with a charming, outspoken guy, she finds herself in an emotional tug-of-war after her best friend forbids her from dating him, forcing her to choose between their friendship or a man she's only known for twenty-four hours.

GENRE: Dramedy

Amber's Alert
Bad Romance
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